Winter Hiking Can Be a Warm Experience

Don’t think I’m crazy because I love to get out and see the allure of nature – I can prove it with my own two eyes. But seriously, there are times when it just feels right to me to get the snow buried in, curl up in a sleeping bag and wait out the cold. Living in New Jersey, it’s not always easy to get that close to nature when everyone around you seems to be having the time of their life. Especially when I live in the mid-west, I can tell you there will be a time when you start wondering if you should call it a day. Unless you’re in my hometown of New York, it’s hard to say no to a friend’s suggestion to just stay in the city and let everyone know you’re still alive and well. But that’s me, I’m not that brave. Even I have friends who live in other states and they’re always telling me how they can’t stay where they are because the cold is cruel and unexpected. (It’s not like they ever let me in trouble before.)

It’s true that you can see snow for miles if you drive in a certain portion of the United States. But that snowy view only becomes possible when you’re at the right distance from the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska. Sure you can’t see the mountains up close, but you can visit them from a distance and certainly in pictures. And that is the true test of whether you’re brave enough to get off the couch and brave the cold outdoors.

It’s not as easy as simply slinging open the window of your RV and throwing snow money at the problem. To begin with, do you have the right skills to clear the road safely? Do you know how to tow the RV vehicle safely? Will you be able to find the camping gear you need without resorting to beating your head against the wall?

It’s a good idea to spend some time preparing for your winter RV camping trip. Get your tow vehicle inspection and Review, make sure you have the right Hitch Package. You need to have the right amount of grass space for your vehicle. You don’t want to bump your tow vehicle when you’re towing it, which is where the grass pen or hitch locks, hitch brackets and frame bracket gears come in. These gears will help keep your tow vehicle secure while you’re towing down the highway in the winter.

Tow ball mount gears will also keep your ball mount in place in your RV. The problem with ball mount gears is that they tend to drag on the road surface. Avoid trailer sway and avoid hitting your head as you drive to your favorite camping area. These ball mount gears have been made to secure your RV to your trailer so you can be sure the ball will not go wonky.

RV ground hinge gears and driveshaft. Make sure you have the right dealers or a parts parts expert check your RV to be sure it’s been made properly. Ensure that thedrivers wheel and brake shoes be properly fitted. If you’reRenault equipped, your auto must be fine. Do not be afraid to have them look over your shoulder or enter the slide-out if need be. Do not miss a chance to check your RV’s brakes. These aren’t made to standard for your towing vehicle.

RV trailer groundsheets. The ground sheet is the part that comes in between the tow bar and the RV. The walls of the RV body are paved on the inside and exposed on the outside. You can see the traced in white outside of the RV. Work needs to be done to have the wall padding and the thicker RV roof sheet. The roof sheet is vital. Sheets that aren’t up to the job require very high maintenance costs. These sheets protect the RV from rocks, from moisture, from the sun’s rays, basically everything outside that can cause problems.

RV tent stakes.Lay them out every evening. Make sure they’re not touching the poles.

RV-Nylon Skins. Same as above. Skins that allow air to circulate. Good for cold weather camping.

Tent carpet. (Extra point.)

Pillows. (Extra point.)

Aogie-Bingo. (Bug in mouth.)

Set up thetentthe night before and let it cool down some,pack your sleeping bag(s),tuck in your pillows and delicious cookies and you’re ready to go. You’ve got everything you could need to properly enjoy the great outdoors today. You’re a newbie now… boring, uncomfortable and maybe a little bit nuts. But you’re not to know about all that can be through it. How many of us here can say we’ve climbed to the top of a mountain and when we went down to the ground (literally) at the bottom?