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The town of Mackay-Rai is a tribal community located 70 kilometers south of the capital city of Santiago. The Mackay-Rai area covers an area of 97 square kilometers and includes the area of the Chincha Islands, CorGeneral Park, Haria Island, Ceylworts and the Lanzarote Province. The Mackay-Rai area is characterized by a preference for Settler effectives rather than other types of settlement. There are a large number of day-hikers and assemblage points for assemblage points for recreation.

The somebody who owns the island of Mackay-Rai owns the cultural and archaeological resources of the Island. Mackay-Rai is a sub Aquitanian aboriginal group who has occupied the Island since more than ten thousand of years. There are five distinct linguistic groups who own parts of the Island: the Speciale, the Picoy, the Garifuna, the Miskito, and the Unas. All of these groups speak their own languages but most of them are limited to particular areas. There is a continuing debate about whether or not there is a direct relationship between the Spanish invasion and the dispersion of the Canmatigrane and Mackay-Rai.

There are only four major Spanish colonial buildings remaining in Mackay-Rai. These are the Army Headquarters, the Navy Head Quarters, the High Cabana, the Jervis Lodge and the Cite Centre. The latter three are now heritage sites and the debate over their use continues.

If you are interested in this part of the Old Spanish Trail it is best you visit the Army Headquarters. The Army Headquarters, a stone building built in 1880, is the oldest of the colonial buildings in the town. It is a easily accessible building and there are major tourist attractions in the building including the custodial services for the building and its contents, the sergeant’s quarters, the armory, the office, the library, the 1909 Victoria Cross and the Barbares de Cambray (Cabrales), a Spanish colonial hotel. The Barbares de Cambray was once the headquarters of the Cabrales Guardia, the local military police. It is now a Rodopi Barranco, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that has been adapted into a bed and breakfast. You can get a self-catering room that sleeps four and a kitchen unit that offers all the modern amenities.

From the Army Headquarters you head to the town of Cambray where you will turn left and follow the signs to the Cambray Hill, the top of which is the highest point of the trail. The Cambray Hill faces the direction of Hence, starting at the top of the hill, you can either go by foot or by bicycle. As you climb the hill you will see a fog on the horizon that indicates that you are heading for the peak of Cambray. When you reach the top of the trail you will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

One of the best camping sites in Mackay-Rai is the Senda Cambray Tent and Trailer Park. You can park your Caravanning vehicleat the site and unwind in itsarnettadio shop. You can cookand cook in the park’sfire pit and there are washrooms in the building. You can rent a paddie here.

There are other great places in the area such as the Ynatshe Guesthouse in Farmington and theSandbanks Family Campingsite in deepest, southern Isle of Wight. For quick snacking or a drink, head towards the Ingonish Heritage Museum near Pentire. The museum features artifacts and garments that prove the history of the Inniskanabin peoples, the largest Inniskanadan community in regional Australia. This is the second largest known Aboriginal community in Australia with nearly 4,000 members. The Ingonish people have lived in the region for at least 9,000 years, having arrived by boat across what is now the Murray River.

Pentire is a great place to visit before going to the Snowdonia Mountains and seeing how the team at Snowdonia have formed a number of Wildlife Safaris.

You can follow the tracks of the team between Rhydd Ddu and Trawsfynydd on their spectacular circular trekking through the Snowdonia National Park. There are a number of difficult terrains to conquer here. The area is quite dry and tends to be quite cold throughout the year. Snowdonia lies at a high altitude and water is limited, but there are a number of opportunities to whilst away some of your time. Pentire camping opportunities are rugged and exciting.