The Perfect Catered Chalet in La Tania for a Family

With top-class accommodation in its resorts, La Tania Chalet makes for a great holiday retreat. If you’re planning a family ski vacation, book now at La Tania!

Located in the heart of La Tania National Park, La Tania Chalet is right in the heart of the Alpamayo Lake District. Skip obstruction from tourists and German backpackers with its close proximity to the resort of Bolnuevo. As you’d expect, this tranquil town is a great base for day outings to the slopes. As well as the 18 holes of green with 18 ski instructors for your hire, a Chalet clubhouse and bar, there are also two restaurants and a health spa on site.

For your evening meal, rent a bar or restaurant and prepare traditional folk-food dishes. There is even a snack bar, so you can stop for a sweet or a coffee. These restaurants offer a tasty variety of local cuisines for you to cook yourself up on your ski holiday. However, you should be ready for quick service if needed to grab a meal during your stay.

If you enjoy skiing in Coatico, you’ll need to know ahead of time which bars and restaurants are located within the village. The excellent public transportation provides a quick getaway to your hotel in Coatico, where you can grab a bite to eat and explore the village. There are many popular bars to eat in Coatico, including the ever-popular Whistler Bar and Grill.

There is also a very simple and cheap way to travel to Coatico. By taxi, you can call upon the boutique railway to get you to and from Coatico. The journey will take about forty minutes and will take you to the spa where you can enjoy a rejuvenating massage. As you make your way to Misti, you will be faced with one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the world. It is a journey that many have only read about in magazines or seen on TV. The views are simply stunning. The way it curves around to the north and the south is truly spectacular. Once you reach the top of Misti, you can truly indulge yourself in solitude, spending some time wandering in the stillness of the forest.

It is the same at all national parks in Costa Rica.juvenile flora and fauna are celebrated throughout the parks. The national animals, like the armadillo, coyote, fixter, jaguar, ocelot, raccoon, spotted owl, jaguarundi, kitnisi, thunderbirds, etc, are always eager to meet new people and share their knowledge with them. Sharing the knowledge of these exotic creatures is very alike as it is for their part a wonderful way of preserving the jungle and bringing it back to its original state.

Costa Rica offers some excellent guided tours and camping activities like:

The green rush is definitely something you experience during your camping tour in Costa Rica. Cozily speaking, Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for camping, where campers have opportunity to do at least some part of their camping in this country. Still other camping spots offer people the chance to experience more isolated camping activities. About 80% of the total camping sites in Costa Rica have been exploited. This country is therefore a wonderful place for predator hunts.

As you can see, Costa Rica is a great destination for camping. Part of the attraction is its Diablo mountain range, with its rich biodiversity. Its tropics nights are considered very temperate, and similar to its tropical environment. Despite this relatively mild climate, Costa Rica is a very beautiful place to visit on a cold, wet day. Its unforgettable beauty, however, is what it has to offer to the average camper.

Its probably no wonder that Costa Rica is a sought after holiday destination for many people around the world. Its beauty, warmth and friendliness is something you can’t describe unless you’ve seen it for yourself. The country is a wonderful family holiday destination with a wide variety of things to do to make your stay memorable.