Avalanche Risks in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountains

A 46 year old ski mountaineer was killed late February in the Sierra Nevada when he was caught in an avalanche and buried under 2m of snow. The accident happened on the western slopes near the Elorietta Hut.

The snow conditions off piste in the Sierra Nevada can be very dangerous between the months of December to May, inclusive. After heavy snowfall, unconsolidated powder frequently overlays an icy base layer. The high temperatures sometimes found in this part Spain, can make the snow pack very wet and heavy. Hence the high avalanche risk. Beware!

There are, of course, avalanches all over the Sierras, but there are 3 major black spots that people venturing into these hills need to be aware of. They are black spots because they cross normal walking or hiking trails that people use. They are:

(1) The track from the Todra Gorge to the Alpujarras starts high up in the mountains and crosses ranges at over 11,000 feet. It becomes very difficult and dangerous to cross these ranges, even for the casual walker. The black spots are where the term black avalanche comes from. In certain places you can easily find waterfalls in the different directions. Should you want to see them, you need to ask for the local guide to take you to the highest point of the range.

(2) The track from the base of Nevado Coropuna to the summit is considered the most challenging one in the Sierras. Even though it is only 6,764 feet high, it will take up to 6 days to complete. It is 25 km long and connects the Todra Gorge with the Ascensio River.

(3) The track from the Colca Canyon to the Camino de Santiago is particularly suitable for cyclists. It is 11 km long and crosses the ranges at Olympos and extends from the Mexican border all the way to the northern tip of theSouthern Spanish region.

This route from the Camino to the Cathedral in Santiago is old but still tracks well. It is also recommended for old people, because of its difficult route and frequent crossing of streams.

All in all, the Sierra Nevada in Seville offers not only the mountains above the normal walking track, but also the valley areas and, of course, the city of Seville itself. The variety of landscapes in the area, the diversity of human habitation, and the lively European flavor ensure that you will have a prolonged stay there.

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